By voting for our servers, you help continue the budding legacy the LYHME community is creating and help it soar.

To give you a little nudge into voting, you will earn in-server currency (known as citrus) every time you vote!

Note: You can every 24 hours on each voting website, each time you do you could earn one of the following:

10,000¢ Citrus

12,500¢ Citrus

15,000¢ Citrus

17,750¢ Citrus

20,000¢ Citrus

25,000¢ Citrus

At the end of each month the top voter on each of our regions, will earn one of the following:

100,000¢ Citrus

250,000¢ Citrus

500,000¢ Citrus

750,000¢ Citrus

1,000,000¢ Citrus