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  • 2.3.0 Change Log

  • By: Uncle LYHME

Removed, Removed, Removed!

Unturned 2 Servers:
- All regions updated
- The CQC servers not online as it seems the map was removed

Unturned 3 Servers:
- Besides our TOT server, Your Balance will automatically update instead of every 60 seconds along with will appear as soon as you join
- PlayerStats Fixed, But am aware that Rank is wrong
- Death Messages are now fixed
- /booster stop - released to stop the booster(s) effects (Was suggested by: Striker)
- Added Multi's Firework, Unturned 2020 Fireworks to US #1 to prepare for the event

Signshop Servers:
- Claim Flags are now banned

Discord Server:
- Added Hydra Bot
- Removed Rythm Bot
- Removed the counting bot
- Removed the counting channel

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  • 2.2.0 Change Log

  • By: Uncle LYHME

Add, Tweak, Rework!

Unturned 3 Servers:
- You can now get Booster(s) when voting as a reward
- When you leave the server Fires, Light Sources, and Generators auto turn off to keep performance high
- Tweaked a welcome message 2x
- Tweaked a few voting related messages
- Tweaked things to the server switching feature
- Tweaked a TIP

Signshop Servers:
- Tweaked a welcome message

- Created #text-to-speech text-channel
- Added a slowmode to the #text-to-speech
- Added a Music Bot
- Added Text To Speech bots (Idea was suggest by: PrincessAmberFloof)
- Added two new questions to #questions
- Changed the server icon 2x
- Renamed #questions to #wiki
- Reworked #wiki please take the time to read it <3
- You will not be warned for Repeated Text
- ?? Music now exists

Our Rules:
- Added 1 generator per base max limit
- Added 20 chickens per base max limit
- Added use of solid crops in moderation
- Added a Moderation Term and definition
- Added a Text To Speech Bot rule inside the Discord Server section
- Added additional text about the sign in front of your house thank you AquaSquid
- Added a Drug Talk role Thank you Nyxiii
- Tweaked a rule that you are allowed to build a floating base on the water
- Revoked the 5 Solid Crop Limit
Note: Some changes, also apply to the PvE Base Guidelines.

- Christmas Sale Started!

Commands Page on Website:
- Tweaked the /cost v. to be /cost v 'vehicle name' or ID thank you AquaSquid

The following servers will become the following maps on January 9, 2020:
- US #1 will become: Russia
- EU #1 will become: Hawaii
- SG #1 will become: Germany
The transfer vault will not be available.

Update: Vault transfer is now available until January 20, 2020.

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  • 2.1.0 Change Log

  • By: Uncle LYHME

Citrus, Citrus, Citrus!

Unturned 3 Servers:
- Changed an welcome message
- Tweaked a Treasure chest message
- Updated LYHMEAssets v0.5 which contains a staff warning sign
- Updated LYHMEAssets v0.6 which contains an updated v. of the treasure effect
- Guide, Moderator, Admin, Sr. Admin, and OverSeer now have there own Salary

- Fixed a signshop message
- Fixed where you cannot sell to signshops
- Cannot use negative values anymore
- When you delete one items will be given back
- When buy price is set to 0 people cannot buy from the sign

Server Rules:
- Added soliciting rule
- Added 5 solid crops per type max
- Added a Discord Server section with rules
- Added The bed(s) must also be placed on the structure of your base
- Tweaked the Advertising rule
- Tweaked the Vulgar Language rule

Commands Page:
- Added a *new* command /id 'item name' it will tell you the item name and ID
- Updated the signshop section

- Created #market
- Created #questions
- Changed Icon
- Changed mine and Abeovis emotes
- Increased the bitrate of many voice channels
- Deleted all the rules inside #readme

Note: The itemID to the /cost command will not be added rather please use the new /id command.

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  • 2.0.0 Change Log

  • By: Uncle LYHME

More AMMO!

Unturned 3 Servers:
- Unblacklisted many items
- Signshops have made a return! Checkout #signshop-help for more information
- Added a new tip

Signshop Servers:
- Added Garages but they do not sync

In-game Shop Changes:
- Added Low Caliber Ranger Ammunition Box to Buy and Sell
- Added 5.56mm / 7.62mm NATO Ammo to Buy and Sell
- Tweaked the High Calibur Military / Ranger Ammo Buy and Sell
- Tweaked the Low Calibur Military / Civilian Ammo Buy and Sell
- Tweaked the Horde Beacon Price

- Updated, more modern now

Server Rules: (This is just a few)
- Added a claim flag limit
- Added a bait rule
- Reworked the colors
- Removed the Color Rule under Donator

- Tweaked our discord rules

Note: Signshops will be available when the servers reboot which have the feature.
- I am also aware that some feature may not work, this is out of our control. Also I am aware that such as the Rocket Launcher is banned, I am unsure which feature is causing it.
- Many items in this change log is credited to many suggestions, so thank you. Also big thank you to AquaSquid

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